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It's Saturday...
. . . and its Window Cleaning time! You promised. You said you would right after football season.
Your wife is too smart for that! She knows there is no end to football season. You’re done and you’re going in. It's Window Cleaning time!

Being a smart guy and all you itemize what needs to be done. You tell yourself that’s how its done. Maximum efficiency you say. You start by counting windows. . .

"Living room 4, Family room 2, Master’s Lair  2, Susie Sunshine’s room 1, Johnny Allsport’s room 1, Galley 2, Granny room 1 but its got a bunch of those “Frenchie” type window panes that will take forever. They look great but jeez. . . 16 itty bitty windows in one!"
You mumble to yourself: “Frenchies”!

You continue the count. . . Upstairs rumpus room 2 plus an octagon shaped window in a portico that requires a ladder.

You think to yourself. . . I sure hope I don’t fall! 15 windows plus all of the extra Frenchies make 31 in total.

But wait there’s more! Once you finish the outside you have to do the inside too so that now makes a total of 62 windows including all of the extra Frenchies. Friggin' Frenchies! Mumble, mumble, mumble!

Then you think to yourself. . .Screens! What about the dirty window screens. I sure hope my wife doesn’t think I’m going to clean those too! Ah, but she does... and you will.

More mumbling. . . rucka shucka frucka rucka!

Then it hits you in the eye like a 6th grade bully. . . Cleaning windows is going to take at least 5 hours! 5 hours?

What??? Yep! 5 hours of your life that you’ll never get back.

And that’s if you have all the right tools and don’t have to make a run to the nearest Super Hardware Box Chain Store for supplies.

You’ve always said that time is the most precious of commodities. You say it all the time. “you can always make more money but you can’t make more time”!

Prove it window cleaning warrior. . .

"All you have to lose is the dirt on your windows!"

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